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A Visit to Italy

Early this summer a delegation of Lenes Group Hungary Kft. visited the headquarters of the world-famous LaNordica-Extraflame Ltd. in Vicenza.

When our Company made a decision to enlarge its profile with alternative techniques for heating, the LaNordica-Extraflame company proved to be the only one which could be selected as our partner in this expansion. Their experience, their results and their efforts for a more pronounced consideration of environment-protection are all aspects which conform to the philosophy of Lenes Group Hungary, too.

This Italian company of long-standing promptly discovered the hidden possibilities of Lenes Kft. and of the Hungarian market, so co-operation started within a short time. Consequently, we visited Italy and our delegation familiarized itself with the production technology of boilers applied by Extraflame, the planning and production processes which form the basis of the company’s alternative heating technology entitled to be famous.

Gas Prices Increase Again

Do you know that the price of gas is going to increase by 30 % as early as before the heating season? However, this should not necessarily burden your housekeeping costs. If you use pellets, we guarantee that your home will be nice and warm and your costs will be at least 40 % less than the current costs of gas-heating.

Heating with pellets is not only good for the protection of the environment but also keeps your expenses low. The heating value of 2.3 kg of dry wood is actually equivalent to that of 1litre of Diesel oil or 1 cubic metre of gas. The production of 10 kWh thermal energy can be carried out by 2 kgs of shavings.

If you apply this heating technology, besides the above-mentioned advantages you can also avoid polluting the environment, as pellets are burnt without the emission of any harmful materials. This way you can contribute to the application in practice of environment-conscious thinking.

Heating at a Low Cost

The www.olcsofutes.info price calculator announced on www.lenes.hu homepage is soon coming. Visitors will find there an energy price calculator and they can calculate whether their present gas heating is an economic solution. An economic efficiency system also offers comparison between the costs of gas- and pellet-heating.

Visit us and do this calculation yourself.

Find out for yourself that heating can be solved at a low cost, too.

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