Lenes Group - Forest management

Forest management 

The activity of LENES Kft. covers the passage of trees „from the wood up to the homes”. Our company keeps an area of 2400 ha of forests in Hungary.

Forest management has been for centuries and today still a very important task requiring considerable skill, as besides supplying the industry and the households with raw material of first-class quality, it also plays an important part in conserving our live environment.

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In our forests great care is taken for sustainable management and for the protection of the environment. In this effort we are helped by the experts of the University of West-Hungary – formerly the University of Forestry and Wood Sciences of Sopron.

It is owing to this thorough and careful work that we can satisfy our partners’ requirements with timber of excellent quality.

Detailed information provided by: Lenes Erdő, info@lenes.hu tel./fax: +3679/566-110 

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